New type electric motor soft starter

Model : CMC-MX

Brand : aikon

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CMC-MX motor soft starter is a sort of new type motor starting protector combining electronic technology microprocessor and automation. It is able to stably start and stop motor without step change, which perfectly avoids mechanical and electrical impact as a result of using direct start, Y-△ start and auto-induction voltage-reduced start to start motor and can effectively reduce starting current and distribution capacity. At the same time, as CMC-MX soft starter has current transformer and contactor built inside, user does not need to externally connect the both to soft starter.


u Multiple starting modes

User is allowed to choose current-limiting start and voltage ramp start and apply

programmable kick start and start-current limit in each starting mode so as to largely

meet the site application and achieve the optimal start.

u High reliability

High performance microprocessor digitally processes signals in control system,

which avoids excessive adjustment in previous analog line and obtains the perfect

accuracy and execution speed.

u Powerful anti-interference performance

All external control signals are isolated using photoelectric city and different

noise-proof levels to fit the application in special industry.

u Simple adjustment

Control system provides wide scope of application and simple adjustment

method. With various functional options, it is able to match control objects of

different kinds.

u Optimized structure

The unique compact inner structure design is especially convenient for user to

integrate it into the existing system and save the cost of purchasing current

transformer and bypass contactor.

u Power frequency

Power frequency 50/60Hz is set by inputting parameters in favor of user's


u Analog output

4-20mA current output function is in favor of user's operation.

u MODBUS-RTU communication

It is possible to connect 32 equipments during network communication. User can

achieve the goal of automatic communication through setting baud rate and

communication address. The setting scope of communication address is 1-32 and

initial value is 1. The setting scope of baud rate: 0 (2400); 1 (4800); 2 (9600); 3

(19200); the initial value is 2 (9600).

u Perfect protective function

Multiple motor's protective functions including overcurrent, input/output phase

lossThyristor short circuited, overheat, leakage detection, electric thermal overload,

inner contactor failure, and phase current unbalance protections prevent that motor

and soft starter from being damaged in case of failure and faulty operation.

u Simple maintenance

The monitor signal coding system consists of 4-digit display, monitors working

state of the equipment for 24 hours and provides fast fault diagnosis. 

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